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Pre-Birth Services

Mother and Baby Units

Having a baby can be a time of great joy, but it can also be a time of stress and anxiety. For many mothers-to-be this can lead to complications such as depression. In most cases these issues are resolved with the help of family, friends, and healthcare professionals. However some pregnant women in care require further support and assistance, and this is the service we provide.


Within the Mother-Baby Unit staff work closely with the young women, their social workers and the social worker of the unborn child. As the residents of the house are female, we feel it is better suited that all staff is also female. Female staff must accompany any males visiting the residence. Night-staff are on the premises to support residents with cooking and any other care-work required. Key work sessions are carried out once or twice a week focusing on resident’s present state and helping to achieve goals set by the resident and social workers.

Pre-Birth Support Plan

On arrival to the house a pre-birth care plan assessment form is completed. This identifies the areas that staff will need to work on with the client to achieve a positive outcome. Each resident will be allocated a Key Worker who will update the pre-birth care plan during the pregnancy. The care plan will be updated on weekly basis and sent to the relevant parties. This support plan is reviewed so staff can work towards helping residents move on into a place identified by the social services.

Length of Stay

Staff and social workers determine the length of stay. We encourage a period of sixteen weeks prior to the birth of the baby and twelve weeks after the birth. Where appropriate the aim is to help individuals achieve independence so that they can proceed to move into their own place confident that they have the skills to succeed.

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17, May, 2018 :

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